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Best Bike Helmet Breakdown – RPHA 91 Review

Hey guys, welcome to Helmet Breakdown

Welcome back everyone. The wait is finally
over. We are moving into our second generation
RPHA series with our first up, this is the RPHA
91. This is our leading premium modular touring
helmet. This thing is the top of the line for
features and comfortability for those long
distance rides.
It’s made of a new premium
integrated matrix Evo shell that consists of
carbon aramid, carbon fiber, glass fiber and
organic nonwoven fabric and linen fibers. That
means the shell is stronger, lighter and gives
you an enhanced shock resistant performance.
best part about this model that I found is a lot
of modular models tend to give you neck fatigue
based on their overall weight, but this model is
very light and very well balanced in both riding
configurations. Our engineers were able to achieve
that by using computational fluidic dynamic
software that gave them the ability to optimize
the aerodynamics of the shell and the ventilation.
Don’t forget the name of that software every time
you talk about your helmet. I know I won’t.

It comes in four shells and four multi-density
EPS to give you optimized sizing to find you the best fit.
All right, let’s talk about the design
and the use of the helmet. So to open the modular,
you want to lift the red tab right here on the
chin bar. That brings it all the way up to lock
the chin bar in place. Just simply lift up on
that red tab, the red lock, and to unlock pull
back on the black lock button. And this lock is
also P&J homologated. And the chin bar uses a
two-way pivot system, so it brings it closer to
the shell of the helmet. That reduces air drag

and wind noise.
And a lot of modular helmets,
as you know, can stay on the top of the helmet.

That produces a lot of air drag or there’s a huge
gap in between. So this is very sleek, gives you

a sleek compact profile, especially when you’re
wearing it in open position. Another great feature

we added was the interactive chin curtain. With
modular helmets, when you’re going to lift it up,

it tends to grab and pull at your chin or hit your
nose or your glasses. This interacts with the chin

bar. So when you’re opening and closing, it moves
it away from your face so you can avoid that.
Let’s talk about the ventilation. The RPHA 91 has
our advanced channeling system of five intakes and
seven exhausts. One lower mouth two-step switch
vent, down lightly. It opens it once, down again.
It opens it all the way up. It’s closed. Two
eyebrow vents on each side, slide out. It opens,

slide in. It closes. This pushes air into the
helmet to help defog the internal sun shield as

well. One max vent on top. This is two intakes and
one exhaust in one, and six other exhausts. Two on

the upper rear, two on the middle rear, and two
down by the neck roll.
And an added aerodynamic

benefit is the neck roll that helps keep air
out as well. So overall, ton of airflow into

this helmet to help keep you cool as possible on
those long distance rides.
All right, moving on

to the visor. This uses our HJ37 distortion-free
pinlock ready visor with 99% UV protection and

anti-scratch coating. And this visor uses
a two-way pivot ratchet system. The opening

tab is located on the lower left side if you’re
wearing the helmet. The ratchet system gives you

smooth operation of opening and closing. And it
has an advanced seal to help keep any rainwater

or air from entering the helmet.
Moving on to
the inside. This is equipped with our internal

sun shield, the HJV12 with anti-fog coating. The
deployment lever is located on the lower left side

if you’re wearing the helmet. Just slide it back.
It deploys it. Slide it all the way forward and

you’ll feel it. It’s going to lock into place.
You might hear it depend on how fast you re

riding. And that keeps it locked into place, so
it doesn’t fall down on you while you’re riding.

We added some new technology with our dynamic
multi-step sun shield. The adjustment can be found

underneath the Bluetooth cover on the lower left
side. Just remove that cover and you will find the

adjustment right underneath. When it’s in default
position, the sun shield is further away from your

face and you can’t adjust it unless you have
the lever all the way forward so the sun shield

cannot be deployed when you make your adjustments.
When you go down, it brings it five millimeters

closer to your face in each adjustment. And this
technology can only be found on HJC helmets.

All right let’s get to the inside of the helmet.
Removable and washable interior cheek pads with

moisture wick, quick dry, and antibacterial
interior. The cheek pads are 3D contoured for

custom fit. And remember, the cheek pads are
interchangeable throughout all of the sizes

where the liner is only interchangeable
through its respective shell size.

An extra safety benefit, we added reflective
piping trim around the neck roll on the inside

sunglasses grooves to accommodate any riders with
eyewear. And for safety, it has a micro buckle

chin strap and an ECE 22.06 homologation. And
the RPHA 91 is also second generation smart HJC

21B and 50B Bluetooth ready with integration right
into your helmet.
So all around awesome helmet,

tons of features, definitely check the RPHA 91
out. It’s available in sizes extra small to two

extra large and comes with a five year warranty.
It’s made in matte solid and semi flat colors as

well as a variety of graphics. You can check
out all of the graphics on our website and you

can purchase any of HJC’s helmets online or in
store through one of our authorized dealers.

Thanks for watching. I’m Natasha with HJC. Don’t
forget to tag, like, add, subscribe, share, and

we will see you back for the next in the second
generation RPHA series for helmet breakdown.




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