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Radwagon Top 4 Cargo E-Bike REVIEW After a year of traveling

oh okay I don’t have to shout ha ha
welcome back to our channel
it’s an incredibly windy day
but we’re trying to shoot this video
we’ve been trying to shoot this video for months
everybody’s been asking us about this bicycle
and why we have it.
why we like it, what we don’t like about it so

this is sort of our review of the Rad Power Red Wagon 4

we’ve had this for more than a year now

we’ve got a lot to say

we’ve put 1500 kilometers on it

and we’ve used it probably not in the way you plan on using it

I’ll give you an idea of what we like about this bike

and whether you should maybe consider it

if you don’t know us

we travel full time at the moment

with our motorhome around Europe

and we decided that a bicycle like this

could change the way we explore things

we were considering looking at the option of getting a scooter

but we decided to go for a cargo bike instead

primarily because it can fit on an ordinary bicycle rack

behind the motorhome

and we didn’t need a specialized scooter rack

so this review is not just for people motor homing around Europe

this is also for people considering buying the Rad Wagon

now since we bought our Rad Wagon

a whole bunch of different options became available around Europe

at the time I think the Rad Wagon was very competitively priced

but that’s also something we’ll touch on and why it’s so well priced

we’re going to start off by telling you

why we decided to get this bike particularly

we’re going to talk about the pros the cons of this bike

we’re going to tell you all the accessories that we’ve added

what we think are possible or necessary upgrades

we’re going to talk about how practical it is for two people

as opposed to a person and cargo which is what it’s really made for

we’re going to talk about the battery life

and then end off with a few general aspects

and whether we’re happy with the bike or not

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guys before we start this review

let me just tell you this is the EU spec version of the Rad Wagon

if you’re in North America you get a slightly different specification

I think we’re limited to 250 watt motors

and there’s also no throttle full throttle control so keep that in mind

secondly we’re not sponsored by Rad Wagon

we’re not paid to make this video

we will put a referral code in the description below

which will give you a discount if you do decide to buy

any Rad Power bikes

purely our opinion and not a recommendation per se

now the other thing I want to mention is that

there’s a legal gray area

on whether you’re allowed to transport 2 adults on a single bicycle

the bicycle needs to be designed to carry more than one adult

obviously tandems are designed

but what is a “bakfiets” or cargo bike or tricycle

those are designed to carry cargo

a lot of these long tail cargo bikes

are primarily used for hauling goods and children

the reason why I’m mentioning is keep in mind that

you may or may not find yourself in a place

where someone’s going to ask

I don’t think you’re legally allowed to cycle with two people

it’s a bit of a bizarre concept because it’s not like

we’re going faster it’s not like we’re doing anything different

it’s not like you’re balancing precariously on the handlebars

but just check the regulations in the country

that you plan on using the bike

so the reason we ended up deciding on this bike

like I said a bicycle ended up being more practical than a scooter

considering that we are traveling full-time by motorhome

I wish we could have both

in fact I wish I could say can we press a button

and it turns it into a scooter then into a bicycle

oh that would be amazing

but we can’t alas

and we’ll tell you why

we looked at considerations of a scooter motorized scooter

which meant that we would have to have a special bike rack

built in a scooter rack on the motorhome

we also considered very much more portable electric scooters

the standing riding ones like that

but those you also can’t go as far necessarily

and aren’t as comfortable and you can’t transport goods on

this sort of ticked all the boxes

we can ride on bicycle paths

it’s light enough to put on a bicycle rack

we can both ride on it

and considering that I am no good on two wheels by myself

it makes it a lot easier and more relaxing

for Andre to be able to pedal and I can just sit at the back

navigate, film, take photos and enjoy the ride

keeping in mind that you might use this bicycle

very differently than we are

we use it to explore areas that we don’t want to use public transport

or don’t want to go on foot we can cover distance quite quickly

it makes it a lot of convenient to park the van at a campsite

or out in a city you have one bicycle you have to look after

you don’t have to have two people

independently navigating busy streets

it just simplifies getting from A to B faster

it is also a good way to be able to be parked in one place

and use the bike to go and do grocery shopping for instance

you can even go and fetch some water to fill up the van

things like that carry heavy cargo on the bike

let’s talk about build quality

now when we looked around more than a year ago

these bicycles were selling for about 1 800 euros

and we figured it offered fantastic value

now price has gone up and there are a few other options

sort of in the 2000 Euro price range

what we liked about it is the build quality seems pretty good

in that price class now you have to understand

there are some limitations when it comes to that price point

and you have to account for that with this bicycle

I think structurally the bicycle is very very well made

it’s got a solid solid frame

aluminum structure with fantastic weld points

what I liked about it because I’m quite tall

is it’s got a double seat post that goes quite high

so it’s very well adjustable

and also the handlebars are fully adjustable rearwards and forwards

so it can suit almost any body position which I really like

now out of the box it comes with a fairly decent seat

this is not the standard seat this is an aftermarket seat

we’ll come to that

the standard seat’s got a nice little handle at the back

unfortunately this bicycle’s got no suspension

so it can be quite hard

that’s something you have to keep in mind

furthermore it has a centre stand

which makes loading very convenient

but this is not a standard configuration

on the back it has boards for load space

and you have the option of adding runner boards each side

you have the option of adding a caboose for carrying kids

obviously different seat configurations

we’ll get you that in a moment

it comes with standard rear lights, front lights all ready to go

it’s got a little throttle

that’s limited to I think seven kilometers an hour

and then obviously it’s got the pedal assist options as well

where we think they may have taken some shortcuts

and this is understandable

although it has disc brakes it comes with mechanical calipers

which in my opinion is not enough

to stop a 200 kilogram contraption going down a steep hill

so we have opted to change our

mechanical calipers to hydraulic calipers

I’ll show you that in a minute

Rad Power bike has unfortunately run through a lot of trouble

over the last year with the tyres they chose

to put onto these specific models

as there was a massive recall internationally

due to some failures that were rather catastrophic

we were part of the recall

but we opted to go our own route

our rear wheel exploded spectacularly

and because these bikes are so heavy

if the rear wheel is flat

there’s no way you can even push it it just doesn’t roll

and secondly I was just grateful we weren’t going very fast

when it happened we were almost at a complete standstill

I can just imagine if you’re going at high speed what would happen

Rad Wagon has started rolling out new tyres

the sad part is that the rim size is proprietary

so you can’t go into any bicycle shop and buy tyres

that will fit this specific rim

we chose to not look at that as a restriction

and we actually fitted lightweight moped tyres or scooter tyres

and that was actually quite an easy fix and

personally I think it’s a massive upgrade to the bicycle

it makes it a lot more stable

gives you a better grip

and I feel a lot more safe and secure knowing that there’s a solid tyre

which is not going to fail in the worst possible place

now it does have some downsides

unfortunately the tyre itself is a little bit heavier

it helps if you increase your pressure on the tyre a little bit

but you might see that there’s slight deterioration your range

the front is still running the original Rad tyres

but this one’s still looking good

these are hydraulic cable actuated hydraulic calipers for the brakes

it makes quite a big difference to stopping power

you can buy a pair of these for around 40 to 50 dollars

I would say from Amazon and it’s money well spent

continuing on the changes that we’ve made to the standard bike

initially we just got a gel seat cover for the seat

but we then later upgraded to this very fancy squicky seat

which has made a big difference with a little bit more suspension

the original proprietary seat actually has a very nice handle

over here for pillion

but instead I’ve got these little grips which I can hold on to

which work very well

originally we had just put one of the cheap little seats at the back

over here also made for children

but that was not comfortable enough and didn’t last

so we paid for a motorcycle pillion seat

which works very very well

um what is this darling?

this is added suspension but this is twofold

It’s both for the added suspension

and also just to raise the seat ever so slightly

because what you’ll notice is if I get on

and I put my foot pegs down

it’s all about the knee it’s all about the angle of the knee

now if you’ve got very long legs

I can imagine that this would be much more of a problem

for myself who’s very short

this makes it so much more comfortable

to have a good knee position

we also had small children foot pegs on initially

which we’ve upgraded to the Rad Wagon foot pegs

and I can say that this is a huge improvement

they just flick out of the way and they’re very very comfortable

they give a nice little grip section here and they’re very light

we also just added these little baskets which we just strapped on with cable ties

to be able to put goodies phone camera things like that

as we travel
and then from a rider’s perspective

we added a rearview mirror in fact we’ve got two of these

I would love to put another one but I can’t find
a space to actually accommodate another mirror

and we’ve got a little tank bag over here so that
if Andre is alone he can also navigate

one other thing we added was a bicycle alarm
yes which is quite nice

so we can arm it uh
this gives you a little bit more security

one thing we’re still working on is extra security for battery

it is a bit of a concern but I think we’re just gonna
Casey Neistat it and make it really ugly

For my size person I find it very comfortable as a pillion to be able
to sit here to be able to hold on with one hand

and still film and look past the rider to be able
to get a point of view

yeah I’ll show you what it looks like if I’m
on the bicycle as well in a minute

if you’ve got kids you can probably keep it on the center stand I’ll get on and then Lisa will hop on

it’s very nice and easy to just swing your leg around the back and get on

as you can see Lisa’s view is a little bit obstructed but

the giant rider
I have offered she can do the cycling and I’ll sit in the back very happily

or she can turn around.. at the end of this video Lisa
is going to sit backwards we’re going to film ourselves riding around

another few practicalities of this bicycle being for two people
is that its maximum payload is 158 kilograms

as well as the rear rack capacity is only designed for 54 kilograms

so we are absolutely just within those limits

my recommendation is that unless you comfortably
fall within that 150 ish range together

don’t consider this as an option for two people

you have to understand that there’s a massive cost to your range
if you use the the battery for assistance

and to be perfectly honest this is stock standard EU spec bike

it doesn’t like hills
as a rider you have to gear down all the way

slow going on really steep ones we have to get off
I have to get off

some people are concerned that this bike is a little bit unwieldy
maybe a little bit heavy now the bicycle weighs about 30 kilograms

the wheelbase is quite long I don’t find it uncomfortable at all

it’s got this little spring here which is called the defloppelater or something like that to help you don’t get tank slappy type activities

but I think once you’re used to the assist function
it’s a very comfortable bike to ride

and actually feels very planted and solid

but I’m just using a throttle to show you how tightly you can turn

yeah it’s actually quite comfortable
to really really really go tight

yep okay let’s talk about range now when we got
the bicycle it was all a bit of an experiment

because we’re using it differently we’re always
almost always fully loaded the terrain is a bit

of an uncertainty the stock batteries are like 48
volts and what is it 672 amp Watt hours now depending

on your weight how much assist you use will
give you a range anything from 30 kilometers

to 130 kilometers the very first time we went on a
long distance was entirely at sea level mostly on

flat bicycle routes pavement and we made it more
than 65 kilometers with the two of us on a single

battery now this was on the original tires so we
didn’t yet have an idea of how the new tire would

impact us since then we’ve changed the tires and
we’ve pushed it on rocky terrain on dirt roads

and at one point we got less than 30 kilometers
we don’t bargain on going anywhere further than 40

kilometers per battery but what we have done is
I don’t know if you want to bring that camera closer

so as you can see the standard battery sits
here but I’ve opted to cut this connection

and fit xt90 connectors on here and the whole purpose
of that was to take a second battery with us

now this is just a second battery same voltage
that I got of Amazon the idea is that I can

take an extra battery now the extra battery does
weigh a few more kilograms but uh I just screw

the bracket onto this pipe and then using the
xt90 connectors I just switched to the second

battery once the first one is depleted

so we pretty much built a double decker battery bank to give us
effectively double the range

now the battery weighs a couple of kilograms so just keeps that in mind
we haven’t really pushed the limit

we did do a trip once around the island of Fehmarn in the north of Germany
with both these batteries

and I want to say that day

we probably easy that 80 kilometers at
high assist levels because it was a very windy  dayt

and it was a long day of cycling

okay let’s wrap this up
some of the pro’s for us is that especialy at the

price point that we got it we think
it’s excellent value for money yes it’s

not the best e-bike or best cargo bike but
for us it works really well we were quite

happy to spend a little bit extra on doing
some upgrades on it

I think you got to see this as sort of a good base to start with
you should probably expect to make some changes

improve it eventually maybe upgrade your

I would love a mid-drive motor but I think this is a brilliant bicycle out
of the box off the shelf

it gets delivered to your door and it’s a really really good way to
get started with a cargo bike

and for us with a camper it’s a

very good way to be able to get around together and
not have to worry about me being on my own bicycle

not have to worry about the complications of a
scooter being able to explore using cycle lanes

exactly and also it’s it’s relatively light
I mean I can pick it up quite easily so it’s

easy for me to load it on the back of a standard
Fiamma bicycle rack and take it down easy to keep

covered easy to lock now in terms of locking what we’ve
opted to do for security was to get two

of these Kryptonite locks now they not cheap and
we’ve also opted to put a motorcycle ground anchor

on the back of our motorhome so we can lock this
bicycle to it

the truth is the odds that is going to get stolen is probably higher
when you’re out and about

this bike has got some limitations
you know you got limited range you got limited carrying capacity

we can’t go fast and quickly go do things
inclines, hilly terrain it’s all a bit of a price for us

it strikes sort of this sweet spot that I think works for
80 percent of our requirements

it’s really fun cycling around on it or
in my case just being cycled around on it

you get some interesting looks from people in certain countries
other countries nobody blinks an eye

I would say that the biggest cons for this bike are really the brakes and the tires

and the suspension what you can do is if you have a heavy duty tire
you can run it slightly lower pressure and it’ll give you a bit more comfortable ride

however that affects your range once again

cons it doesn’t fit inside the van which would be nice

because of its lengths it’s two meters long so it
has to go outside

so even if we had a big enough garage for it to go into it wouldn’t fit

so that’s a bit of a downside to me
considering that there was an issue with these tires

in the time that we had our bike RAD did give us very good customer support
from our perspective we had a pretty fairly positive experience

I know not everybody which I’ve had contact with
had the same experience

we were also proactive we decided to change the tire
regardless of what the outcome was at the time

we showed you a little bit about it now we’ve got plenty of videos
where we use this bike I’ll link below maybe

the trip we did in Fehmarn where you can see where
we use the double battery

we did a nice trip in Ghent

uh yeah there’s not a lot of footage there but
they we did a trip in Mon Island in Denmark where

we did some aerial footage we cycled in Sagres all
the way to the point in Portugal there’s also some

drone footage of that and we also did a long cycle
all the way to Malaga on the Spanish Coast so

there’s there’s a couple of nice videos you can go
watch so if you liked to perhaps follow us along

the rest of our journey making our way to Denmark
and then western Europe making our way all the

way to Morocco consider clicking that subscribe
button and if you enjoyed this video don’t forget

to give it a thumbs up

and we’ll will see you guys on the road

happy cycling happy cycling

are you ready we’re gonna pick up speed!

this was okay but backwards is totally
different oh this is quite comfy




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