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Top Best Motorcycles Of 2023

when you ride a motorcycle it’s very important to
be protected but not only that to look cool so in

this video I’m going to go over the gear that
I wear and tell you all about it now recently

I had an accident where I slipped down a hill and
snapped the quadriceps tendon in my leg and that

made me think I should really ride a motorbike
with proper motorbike jeans normally just riding

normal jeans so I’ve got these jeans from hood
they’re fabulous it’s the k7s and they are Triple

A rated which is the highest rating you have
insertable knee pads and hip protection it’s a

little bit tricky to get the knee pads in because
there’s an inner liner with a pocket but once it’s

in it’s in and that is great and you can take it
out for washing but they’ve got a triple weave

fabric and a inner liner they’re heavy they’re
thick and they’re highly protective and they

fit really nicely so they look super duper cool
so I would highly recommend these Hood jeans and

be protected be safe they’re made in
Great Britain and go to the website

hoodgenes.co.uk you can read all about them
they do different fits this is the sort of

um more generous fit and you can get a
Slimmer fit as well they’re fabulous jeans

but I’m going to go over the different jackets
that I’ve got and gloves and helmets so we’ll

come to that so next on the list is the jackets
starting with these jackets here all right let’s

just move some things out of the way give us some
space now these jackets I’ve got two of the black

ones and one brown um they’re the Vintage Brando
Tech speed jackets from bikewaydirect.co.uk and

they’re fabulous I’ve had one about four years
and it’s as good today as it was the day I bought

it now they’re really great jackets let me go into
what they’re like they’re very thick stiff leather

um the black one 74.99 the brown one is 69.99
at the moment prices obviously can change loads

of pockets the double breasted style this is a
different way I’ll go over this one in a minute

the double-breasted style gives you plenty of
room in the shoulder there’s a good amount of

opening in the shoulder so if you go to the
gym there’s plenty of space and on the back is

um I think they call it a vent and when you’re
stretching forward riding that just gives you

a little bit more room for your lats and for
your arms so that’s great um inside you’ve got a

telephone pocket beautifully made back protector
which can come out and elbow pads as well

very very nice jackets highly recommended
and super cool next let’s move on to helmets

now this is my bell qualifier DLX mips it’s got
that sort of movable crash thing inside this is

my go-to helmet if the weather’s bad because it
vents really nicely um it’s quite comfortable but

the only downside to this helmet is quite loud so
you do need ear protection and we’re going to go

over some of the protection next week when we’re
at the NEC in Birmingham so this is a good helmet

um as I said for poorer weather this is my
favorite helmet it’s a trophy from Premiere

um this helmet it’s so comfortable it’s a lovely
shape you’ve got the old-fashioned visor on that

which Clips in there that’s the downside to that
is if the weather is cold and damp it steams up

very easily so if you get sweaty inside especially
but I love this helmet my favorite helmet and I’ve

got three different um visors for it so you can
have a clear one semi-clear whatever you want

um brilliant helmet love them
so I’ll put the links in the

description and on the screen as well
so you can see where to go to get one

next jacket is the one I’m wearing it’s the
gold top 619 Rebel jacket I love this jacket

it’s beautiful this is the higher end of the
market it’s much more expensive than the tech

speed jackets and it’s the double fronted
design I love this jacket it’s got loads

of Zips loads of pockets you’ve got insertable
elbow pads shoulder pads and back protection

beautifully beautifully made a little pocket on
the arm there um these jackets are super quality

the Rolls-Royce for jackets if you like the cut
on this is a bit straighter the gold top ones

um in this style are a little wider than the
shoulder which suits me better because I’ve

been to the gym for about 40 years um but this is
fine and I would highly recommend these jackets

if you want something of high quality thick
leather but Supple and soft and it’s beautiful

now while we’re on the gold top um they also
do gloves beautiful gloves these are the

Quilted Cafe Racer gloves so you’ve got a nice
little thing there on a zip a nice red liner

they’re lovely gloves I love these gloves
they look super nice very comfortable and

um very strong I don’t like gloves with the armor
and in there I mean you can get them of course

but for me I prefer gloves without that so these
are fabulous while we’re also on the subjects and

gloves I’ve got these gloves from uh Tech speed
bike wear direct these are a more budget friendly

glove uh but equally nice you’ve got a little
do-up thing on the wrist there and these are

nice gloves too so I’d recommend these and I’ve
got them in black and brown so you can complete

the look depending what bike you’ve got and what
style you are you’ve got the different colors to

match fantastic now last but not least uh is this
new jacket I got recently from bike wear direct

again this is the cafe racer black and you’ve got
the stripes on the arms there um it’s a center

zip um it looks really nice on actually it’s got a
nice um cut to the shoulder for me the arm opening

is a little bit tight so if you pump iron a lot
it might be a little tight for you um and in that

case I’d go for the double-breasted style but this
has got the back protector um shoulders and elbow

protector you’ve got a removable liner in this so
for the hotter weather you can take that out it’s

got plenty of pockets inside and out a fabulous
jacket 79.99 at the moment which is extremely good

value for money and again like all the tech
speed jackets the leather is stiff and hard

um but very good so it’s nice and tough so again
highly recommend that and it looks super cool




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